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Unique program recruits teachers for Academy

Recruiting new teachers can be a challenge. That’s why Christel House Academy has launched an innovative teacher recruitment program called IndyTeach that offers professionals the chance to earn a salary while learning to become a teacher. “IndyTeach affords people who did not go to school to be a teacher an opportunity to have a pathway into the profession without having to go back to the university,” says Carey Dahncke, Head of Schools, Christel House Schools. “It’s a very unique program.” IndyTeach recruits college graduates with an interest in teaching to become apprentice teachers for one year. They work in the classroom, mentored by seasoned teaching professionals. Clark Wehmeier is one of four IndyTeach apprentice teachers at Christel House. He considered becoming a lawyer but decided he could make a bigger impact as a teacher. “This program allows me to enter the workforce and at the same time earn that teaching license at the end of the year.”

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