Monday, February 18, 2019

The CLA Foundation has awarded Christel House International a $15,000 grant to support the work of the adult high school (DORS). One out of every five Indianapolis residents has neither a high school diploma nor a GED. Christel House DORS gives adults a second chance to earn a diploma. In 2018, over 700 students enrolled in the DORS program. Christel House DORS has an impressive record of success with 96% of adult learners earning dual credit or career certifications.

The CLA Foundation is unique as it does not accept grant proposals directly from outside organizations. All grant nominations originate with CLA team members — each year CLA team members are invited to nominate organizations they believe are making a difference in their community and match the foundation’s mission to promote and support diverse individuals and organizations by connecting networks, advancing work readiness, and creating career opportunities. The CLA Foundation grants in three categories – Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship. The CLA Foundation then reviews all team member grant nominations and invites organizations that best match their mission to submit a grant application. “We believe the CLA Foundation’s mission will kindle a spark of entrepreneurship, create jobs, generate growth, and lay the foundation for even greater opportunities throughout our communities and our country,” says Kira Sexton, CLA Foundation Board Member and Director in the CLA Indianapolis office.

“We appreciate the recognition of the CLA Foundation and their ongoing support of Christel House DORS,” says Bobbi Bosch, Vice President of Marketing and Development, Christel House International.

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About Christel House DORS

Christel House DORS is a tuition free high school for adults over the age of 18 who still need to earn a high school diploma. Students have access to multiple diploma types depending upon their career and post-secondary goals. This may include dual-credit and career certification options. 

The DORS program offers flexible scheduling and utilizes a blended learning model which integrates computer technology and in-class instruction. This model allows students to work at different levels and progress at their own pace. Students who complete the DORS program will earn an Indiana Core 40 high school diploma.

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About the CLA Foundation

The mission of the CLA Foundation is to promote and support diverse individuals and organizations by connection networks, advancing work readiness, and creating career opportunities. Since its inception in 2015, the CLA Foundation has granted more than $2.5 million to advance career opportunities in communities across the nation.