Nutrition & Health Care

You can't learn if you are hungry or sick

At Christel House kids get two nutritious meals and a snack daily, which means family members at home have more to eat. During the pandemic, Christel House is providing critical food and resources for families.

But it is about more than just food. Our children:

  • Get regular dental and health care
  • Receive annual physicals, immunizations, vision tests and auditory screenings
  • Have access to social workers and mental health professionals to deal with trauma and grief

Together we can ensure that more kids around the world are healthy and physically fit.

The leaders at the our schools around the world share how Christel House gives students that need the most help the best chance. Click here.

Our whole world changed when our children were admitted to Christel House. They are getting the best education—and food.
-Rosiley, Mother of Arokia, Christel House India-Bangalore