India - Bangalore

94% of Christel House India - Bangalore graduates continue education, are working, or both.

Consistently 99% of our students return to school every year. They pass state board exams, gain university admission and secure formal sector employment. (About 6% of India's population works in formal sector employment.)

Christel House India changes life outcomes. See Zakeer's inspiring story of breaking the cycle of poverty. Click here.  

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School Profile - 2021 Statistics
  • Bangalore opened July 2001; Atal Nagar opened in August 2016
  • 1,823 Students Enrolled (Including College & Careers) at Christel House India - Bangalore and Christel House India -Atal Nagar
  • 99% Student Retention Rate
Deloitte Efficacy Assessment of Christel House Bangalore: Executive Summary
Christel House was and is my second home. I am especially touched by the care and love the teachers showed towards us.
-Vimal Raj - Christel House India, 2012 Graduate

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