Community Outreach

Poverty often fragments families; Christel House students make a positive impact in their homes and communities

Children return home each night, because keeping families together strengthens communities. Through our outreach programs, Christel House parents become invested in the development and success of their children. They volunteer at the schools, helping with cleaning, maintenance, and grounds-keeping.

We also hold regular community workshops on topics like HIV/AIDS, family planning, parenting skills, conflict resolution, substance abuse, nutrition and hygiene to improve the lives of parents and community members. Can you help us continue our mission?

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I am very happy to have my son studying at Christel House. He studies well and is well-behaved. He asks his father and me not to fight. I feel proud that my son is taught about right and wrong, which I as his mother find difficult to teach him.
-Devi, Mother of Simbu, Christel House India-Bangalore