College & Careers

Christel House graduates are role models and successful

Christel House shows kids the job opportunities they don't see in their communities—where drug dealers and gang leaders are beacons of success. Starting in 7th grade, Christel House introduces career development and guidance to begin preparing students to study careers that will play to their strengths. Christel House helps them select universities, or explore vocational opportunities to determine their course of study and identify a career path.  Students are assisted in completing admissions applications, securing scholarships, apprenticeships, and preparing for interviews. They receive tuition assistance, stipends and continued financial assistance if they continue post-secondary studies. And, we stay in regular contact with employers and universities, to mentor students through successful job placement and performance. We cannot do this without your help.

Our graduates work, study or do both.  Christel House graduates are role models and change agents; 91% are engaged in meaningful, productive activities. In some Christel House countries the unemployment rate is 50% or higher for young adults. The Christel House College & Careers program, which begins in middle school and follows students through tertiary studies and successful job placement, is unique. Similar programs have not been found in those countries in which Christel House is working. 

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Having a good job with the help of Christel House and supporting my family back home is a great thing.
-Gopal, Christel House India-Bangalore Graduate, a successful coordinator now living and working in Dubai