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Severely impoverished Christel House India students hired at Transguard Group in Dubai

Monday, August 26, 2013

Christel House India, with locations in Bangalore and Lavasa, is a school and development center for more than a thousand of India’s most impoverished children.  It provides them with K-12 education, character development, life skills training, regular health care and nutritious meals. 

Through its College & Careers program, Christel House mentors students through university studies or vocational placement, until they are firmly established in the workforce.  In this way, Christel House breaks the cycle of generational poverty and puts these young people on a pathway to self-sufficiency. 

Transguard has partnered with Christel House India since 2010, giving talented students a chance to forge successful careers within the company through a two-year in-house vocational training program.   Each apprentice is provided with a full-time salary, company accommodation and a structured training and mentoring program as part of the two-year program.

“Transguard is fully committed to this project and naturally we are extremely pleased to welcome Goutham Ganesh and Nelson Francis Xavier to the team on a permanent basis. Their hard work over the last 24 months, exemplifies their personal determination to carve out a professional career and by doing so, build a better life for their families," said John Nolan, Deputy Managing Director, Transguard Group, noting that Transguard hopes to announce more appointments in the future.

Ganesh is joining the human resources team as an administrative assistant, while Xavier will take on responsibilities as an Internal Management System coordinator.

"I am so proud that two Christel House graduates have been hired on permanent contracts by Transguard upon completion of their internships. These young men have a bright future ahead and we are very confident they have the skills and character to become highly-valued employees," said Christel DeHaan, Founder and CEO, Christel House.

"We applaud Transguard for its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, and thank the company and its leadership warmly for making these opportunities possible for our graduates," added DeHaan.


About Christel House International

Christel House International (CHI) is transforming how kids, their families and future generations permanently escape poverty.  Much more than a school, CHI was established in 1998 by founder Christel DeHaan and currently serves over 4,000 impoverished children around the world. By providing high quality education, nutritious meals, regular health care, character and life skills development, and career counseling, CHI helps students grow into confident, hardworking and ethical young adults who give back to their families and communities. CHI operates five learning centers in India, Mexico, South Africa and the U.S.A., as well as a career development program in Venezuela. For more information, please visit