Our Team
Emily Masengale
CEO, Christel House Indianapolis
Emily Masengale is the CEO of Christel House Indianapolis. She leads the operations of the Indianapolis charter school network overseeing two K-8 schools - Christel House Academy South and Christel House Academy West, Christel House Watanabe Manual High School, and Christel House DORS, a high school for adults 18 and older.

A native of Indianapolis, Emily began her teaching career in St. Louis, Missouri where she was nominated as St. Louis Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year and was in the top five for Missouri Teacher of the Year. She moved back to Indiana where she designed and served as the founding principal at Christel House DORS. She led DORS from 2012 until 2020 when she accepted the position of Assistant Executive Director at Christel House Indianapolis. While at DORS, she was also a coach and instructor for Columbia University’s Summer Principals Academy Internship.