Our Team
Adrienne Marais
CEO, Christel House South Africa
In April 2018 Adri Marais joined Christel House South Africa as CEO. Adri has a Masters in Biochemistry, an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education Studies (cum laude). Science, business and education informs her view of the world. As a social entrepreneur, she is passionate and tenacious. As a leader, deeply empathetic, straight-talking and standing in her integrity. She drives innovation from conceptualisation to implementation, balancing risk and reward with humanity.

The business of education was a natural home for her work towards social change. In 2004, together with three co-founders, she started TSiBA (Tertiary School in Business Administration) dedicating her life full-time to post-apartheid redress. TSiBA is a private not-for-profit business school that provides all students with full, or part, tuition scholarships to study towards an enriched, fully accredited BBA degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership.