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Jamaica fields first football team

After tryouts during P.E. class, Christel House Jamaica organized their first football (soccer) team. Training kicked off in September. After weeks of practice, students were ready for their first match. But for a time, it looked like the team would not be able to play.

In mid-October, Christel House was notified by Insports, the organizer of the all-island Primary Football league, that the competition could not accommodate all the schools that had entered. For Colleen Richards, Physical Education teacher and Head Coach, she did not want to disappoint her students that had worked so hard. “I called the zoning officer and explained I have already made the necessary preparation which includes training and gears for the students,” she said. She sent an email, then followed-up with several calls and texts. “It was not until October 30th I received the good news that Christel House was placed back into the competition,” says Colleen, relieved. “Hence, a hasty training session started again.” Team practices are held on the recently refurbished play field, located behind the school. The team has 20 students, boys and girls, between the ages of 6-12 years. None of the Christel House team has previously played in organized competition. “The team is excited to be a part of this competition and we anticipate a challenging and rewarding season,” says the coach. “The atmosphere during the first match was incredibly exciting. The players showed great enthusiasm and their dedication to showcasing their newfound skills was evident.” The first match ended in a 1-1 draw, an impressive showing for a new team. “Team sports provide an exceptional opportunity for character development. Our students learn valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, resilience, and respect for opponents. The values of sportsmanship are instilled in them, helping shape not just skilled athletes but also well-rounded individuals with strong character.”   

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