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Indianapolis grads gain experience at Lilly

Christel House College & Careers provides support and guidance for students before and after they graduate. The program introduced Class of 2022 grads Arnulfo (AJ), Madison, and Jordan to a real-world experience at a major corporation – Eli Lilly and Company. “What has stood out to me,” says Madison of Lilly, “is the welcoming environment from the people I've met and encounter every day.”

AJ and Jordan participated in the Lilly Summer Experience Program, created to give local students exposure to a wide range of careers in the pharmaceutical industry. Jordan, a sophomore at Butler University, was impressed with how many professionals she was able to connect with. “I talked to 20+ employees, one-on-one, to learn more about their careers in pharmacy.” AJ agrees mentoring he received from Lilly employees inspired him. “What will impact me as I return to my college courses at the University of Indianapolis is the discipline I learned with a focus on my homework and projects.” The summer experience showed many career options. “At Lilly, I gained a deeper understanding of what pharmacy offers,” says Jordan.  Madison joined Lilly’s Administrative Services Professional Apprentice Program, part of Skills First @ Lilly. The apprenticeship program focuses on creating education, training, and career opportunities for qualified individuals who do not have a four-year degree. “I assist multiple business partners,” she says. “This program, in just the short time I've worked in it, has taught me a lot about business, work environments, pharma, medicine, and the dedication to work.” The graduates are grateful for their Lilly experiences and the connection through Christel House. “College & Careers has been very impactful to my early career,” admits AJ. “I love having a monthly check in with the school. It's great.” For Madison, the program has been a helpful resource, “whether that be in school, with personal needs, or career guidance.” Jordan sums up the difference. “With College & Careers, I felt like I had an easy transition from high school to college that other high schools didn't have. I was prepared for it.”


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