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Manoj earns full scholarship to India university

“I had great vision and aspirations,” says Manoj, a 2023 Christel House India graduate, “but I needed someone who would guide me.” He says he received critical support from the Christel House India College & Careers team. Manoj has been admitted to one of the best private universities in India and earned a full scholarship.

He describes getting into Ashoka University as daunting. “Initially, I was filled with tension as I embarked on the challenging application process. But as I progressed, I realized that the application was an opportunity to showcase my unique qualities and strengths.” When he received a deferral of admission, Manoj admits he was disheartened. Then he received an encouraging update. “I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the final decision would be made after my 12th grade results.” The news got better. “When the financial aid decision was finally announced, I was overjoyed to discover I had been granted a full waiver on academic fees. This brought immense happiness not only to me but also to my parents who are incredibly proud – I am the first in our family to attend university,” he says proudly. Manoj will major in BSc Computer Science. He has also selected Entrepreneurial Leadership as his minor. “By combining these two disciplines, I believe I have made a well-informed decision that will benefit my career prospects.” Manoj says Christel House helped him become the man he is today. “I not only improved academically but I learned many valuable life lessons at Christel House. I’m very grateful for the nurturing environment and care I received at Christel House,” he says. “My gratitude towards the institution has no bounds!”      


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