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100% Pass Rate for 2023 graduates


100% pass rate for 2023 grade 12 PUC board exam Results

Christel House India – Bangalore Grade 12 students recorded an impressive 100% pass rate – all 70 students passed with first class and distinction. The Karnataka State PUC pass rate is 74.6%. Most students exceeded their internal academic targets in all subjects.

63% of students scored Distinction (scoring 85% and above)

37 % of students scored First Class (scoring 60% to 84%)

Jaison C Mathew, Christel House India CEO, praised the students for their results and also saluted the Christel House India staff.  “While the entire CH Bangalore staff is responsible for this remarkable achievement, my special THANK YOU and APPRECIATION to Maya, Sudha and the entire PUC teachers for making this possible!” 


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