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Professionals share careers with classes

Dozens of guests, representing a variety of careers, visited Christel House Mexico classrooms as part of Professions Week. This year, 31 alumni returned as professionals to meet students and join in workshops. Sebastian Chávez Mosqueda, (above) class of 2020, is studying to be a chef. As part of his career presentation, third graders teamed up to make truffles.

Learning how to make the tasty treats led one of the kids to declare "This is the best semana de profesiones (best career week) ever!" All grades in the school welcomed career guests.  Jóse Vicente from Social Lab met with 9th graders and showed them examples of AI (artificial intelligence). “It was one of my favorite talks,” says Harry Guest La Vercombe, College & Careers Coordinator. “He had the students falling over their desks to participate to see how Chat GPT completed a prompt they made up.” While all the presentations introduce students to various career opportunities, Rubén Bermudez inspired students with his life story. Now an odontologist, a scientist who studies the diseases and structure of teeth, he came to Mexico City at age 17 with only enough money to pay for his trip. He shared how he worked a variety of odd jobs to raise enough money to study medicine. “He never quit,” says La Vercombe on how Dr. Bermudez succeeded and is now a respected doctor and professor. “It was an incredible story for our students to hear.”


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