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Children celebrate Career Week in Jamaica

It’s never too early for children to learn about potential career opportunities. Over a week at Christel House Jamaica, professionals from a wide variety of occupations visited classrooms to share their jobs and inspire students. Career Week culminated in a costume parade where children dressed for careers of their choice. (Pictured above) Kid doctors and child healthcare workers with Principal Jason Scott and Guidance Counselor Renae Raymond.

Professions representing engineers, pilots, farmers, cosmetologists, radio/TV/print journalists, law enforcement officers, crime scene investigators, athletes, healthcare workers, chefs, and entertainers participated in the Career Week activities with the theme Start Your Engines: Up, Up and Away. “The presentations across the week were aimed at giving the students a summary understanding of what these jobs entailed and what qualifications are needed to be in these jobs,” says Jason Scott, Principal. “Presenters were asked to encourage, motivate, and inspire the learners. The event was a tremendous success.”

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