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Leadership camp develops character

The Christel House Mexico class of 2023 traveled south of Mexico City for four days and three nights of camp activities to develop leadership skills. As they prepare to graduate, the experience provides perspective. "I was able to visualize a point where I will be on my own," says Carlos P., "and I learned how to take care of myself when that time comes."

Students participated in activities such as a team-building scavenger hunt (Mariana Z. and classmates pictured above) to sessions on what makes a leader, to overcoming frustration. “I learned to be more patient towards myself and others,” says Carla B. “I really learned how to be a better communicator.” A highlight for many was a mountain climb with their classmates. “On the final day, we woke up at 5 AM and climbed a mountain,” says Dana E. “And from the top we watched the sunrise.” For David G., the climb let him see his friends in a new light. “I realized that we are growing, and even though it’s obvious by looking at us, I noticed how much we have grown mentally.” Sitting around a campfire, Carlos summed up the camp. “It was so good because it reminded me of everything I’ve experienced while at this school, and it was a beautiful moment with my classmates.”


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