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DORS grad continues his education

Joseph Origbemisola had a college degree when he moved from Nigeria. Settling into his new home in America, he wanted to get a U.S. diploma. A friend recommended Christel House DORS, the adult high school.

Joseph works for the Corrections Department in Indianapolis as a full-time detention deputy and a part-time medical assistant. Like many students that attend DORS, he found the flexible hours for classes allowed him to work and study. While the pandemic slowed his schooling, he finally graduated with his diploma in 2021. But his education journey continues. Joseph is attending community college, exploring options in the medical field or in IT. “My observation, a medical degree costs lots of money,” he says with a smile. “So, IT is looking good.” He is grateful for the continuing support and guidance of the staff at Christel House DORS. “They are very encouraging for me.”     

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