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Graduates offer gift for next generation of students

Christel House India (CHI) graduates share a strong bond with their school. The alumni group donated to Christel House to support the next generation of India's children. “For students who have received financial support for more than a decade, it feels really good to know that we are making a difference in other people’s lives,” says Angel K., a 2013 graduate.

From the time children start at Christel House India, gratitude is an important value emphasized as part of the school’s character development program. “The attitude of giving back to the community is strong among the CHI alumni,” says Praveena S., Head Counselor and College & Careers Coordinator. “The alumni always look for ways to give back to the school and donating is one way for them to do so,” she says.Being able to help the school and its students is a way for them to show their gratitude towards the school and feel that they too are making a difference in the lives of their juniors.” During the pandemic, graduates provided online one-on-one tutoring sessions with young children struggling with their studies and volunteered as mentors. “I would proudly say that the Christel House Bangalore alumni group is always available for any project or program to do with the school, especially if it involves working with the students,” Praveena says. The College & Careers team maintains an active communication channel with the 740 graduates in the alumni group using the social platform WhatsApp. “Our alumni not only show their gratitude through their donations, time, and skills but by also connecting their employers and prospective donors to Christel House,” Praveena notes. Keeping those alumni connections is important for the graduates says Angel. “There’s so much to learn from each other. Staying connected to the school and the alumni group means we will always be part of the Christel House family.”         


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