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Sylvia's success: Biotechnologist at science institute

Christel House India is celebrating Sylvia C’s success. The 2015 graduate is a Biotechnologist at Indian Institute of Science (IISc Bangalore), India’s top ranked science and research institute. Sylvia is a project associate in the Molecular Biophysics Unit. “Christel House India provided me and my sister with quality education, nutrition, health and wellbeing,” she says.

Sylvia is studying virology under the supervision of scientists at IISc. She aspires to become a scientist and eventually, a professor in biotechnology. Sylvia has been a bright and studious student since she started kindergarten at Christel House India. But at the tender age of 7, she faced a terrible tragedy. “My mother passed away,” she says, “and then my father deserted us.” Sylvia’s aunt took her and her siblings in and with the support of Christel House, Sylvia thrived. In addition to the strong academics, she says the extra-curricular activities like art, music, sports, and character development made her more active and energetic. Graduating high school, she credits the Christel House College & Careers program for the support she received as she pursued her Biology degree and Masters in Biotechnology. “There are so many memories starting from my childhood to date that Christel House has provided.” Sylvia says the school transformed her life. “I love the ambience, the staff and friends at Christel House India.”

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