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It's never too late to graduate!

"My journey began in 2000 when I failed a GED test," admits Andrea Webb. Twenty-two years later, in a commencement address she gave to over 150 adult high school graduates in Indianapolis, Webb proudly accepted her diploma. "I'm grateful I discovered Christel House DORS."

Earning her diploma wasn’t easy.  “A friend recognized my potential and my struggles with achieving my high school diploma,” Webb says. “She recommended Christel House DORS.” For Webb, it was important to find a program that best fit with her demanding work schedule.  “I will always remember how all the teachers and counselors encouraged me to not give up and supported me in every way possible,” she says. While Webb started the program in 2014, she earned her final required credits in 2022. “I left a couple of times but returned in August of 2021. Each time DORS welcomed me back.”  Webb never gave up. “To all my peers, don’t give up on yourself and keep coming back and working towards your goal, no matter how hard the task may appear or how long it takes.” As she finished her speech, she announced she was starting a new job on Monday. “A high school diploma was a requirement of being hired. So, here I stand, Andrea Webb, high school graduate. I finally did it!”


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