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DORS grad publishes her first book

Montaneke Mitchell says Christel House changed her life. A 2017 DORS graduate, she’s building a career as an Electrical Apprentice. She can now add author to her resume.

“When The Rain Hits My Window,” is a book of poetry and autobiographical short stories. “I always loved writing,” Montaneke says. “I grew up with a childhood filled with poverty and trauma. I use writing as a therapy.” She’s candid about mistakes she made before discovering DORS. As a teenager, a poor decision led to a conviction and time in prison. During her incarceration, she rediscovered her passion for poetry. “That’s when I realized I could use my writing to help other people.” She’s grateful for the interest her book is generating. “This book is based on events that have happened in my life,” Montaneke says. “It’s what’s made me the woman I am today.” Her first book has been trending on the Amazon autobiography list. She’s already planning a follow-up. “My goal in writing is to heal my wounds,” Montaneke says. “Maybe it will give someone else comfort to know they’re not alone.”

“When The Rain Hits My Window” is available for purchase in digital and paperback on Amazon. Click this link.



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