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Bridging the wealth divide in South Africa

Students from Christel House South Africa (CHSA) joined students from other schools as part of a global partnership called the Wealth Inequality Initiative. The goal – to nurture relationships between youth from various ends of the wealth spectrum. “It’s important for everyone to come together so that South Africa can become a better place in the world,” says Ameer K., CHSA student.

The event was structured around a day of fun but intentional interactions to allow for meaningful exchanges between students. More than 300 6th and 7th graders from five different schools took part in the program. Each activity was designed to find common ground between the students. This included word games using unique South African phrases, writing and performing a rap song, and playing a game to better understand wealth inequality. For the kids, the day was about demystifying preconceived beliefs. As the event concluded, students enjoyed a cable car ride up to Table Mountain, a stunning Cape Town natural wonder. Zia, a CHSA 6th grader, found the day fun and educational. “My highlight was making friends and finding out how much we have in common.”

Now in its second year, the Bridging the Wealth Divide activities are one of many interactions of the Simunye Project, a nonprofit focused on creating sustainable and lasting change in people and communities. Christel House South Africa is committed to participating in the four-year program.  

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