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Christel House welcomes youngest students

More than 60 Grade RR students received a warm welcome as Christel House South Africa (CHSA) opened three new classrooms for 4-year-olds. “CHSA turns 20 this year and adding this crucial phase to our Early Childhood Development program has long been a dream for us,” says Adri Marais, CEO.

The new classrooms were made possible by a unique partnership with MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Builders. “We are humbled to be given the opportunity to provide Christel House and its learners with three new classrooms to provide an even younger group of children to start their early learning developments,” says Pieter Twine, General Manager of MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. Getting children into preschool leads to better outcomes for youngsters. “Research has proven that the formative years of a child’s life are the most important and early intervention is key in removing the many barriers to success that our students face,” according to Carol Kriel, CHSA Junior School Principal. Each classroom has a dedicated teacher and is equipped with modern teaching equipment such as interactive smart board technology. Each class will also have access to a teacher assistant to ensure a high student to teacher ratio and to improve early language acquisition through English immersion from day one.

Please watch a video (above) produced by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Builders showcasing the young learners at Christel House South Africa. 


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