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Indianapolis to offer Technical Honors diploma

Christel House Indianapolis is introducing a Technical Honors diploma for the 2021-2022 school year. The Technical Honors option adds Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE), allowing students to explore and develop important 21st century skills while still gaining a strong academic base. 

“We’ll be able to offer CTE programming such as welding, design processes, computer science, and business courses beginning next year,” says Paige Pittman, Principal, Christel House Watanabe High School. The program will also offer opportunities for students to earn industry-based certifications. Entering high school, they will explore Academic Honors and Technical Honors diploma options through a series of elective courses. At the end of tenth grade, students will decide on their pathway for eleventh and twelfth grade. “The Technical Honors diploma option will open up doors for students,” says Pittman. “Students who graduate with a Technical Honors diploma may choose to go to college, as they will have a strong academic base and honors distinction, but they will also have workforce readiness skills that will allow them to immediately enter the career field if they so choose.”

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