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First Freedom Park student to matriculate

Denisha Hansen is our first matriculant from Freedom Park, a small informal community next to our school. She received a Bachelor’s pass and would like to do a learnership in Child Psychology. Denisha joins the rest of the Class of 2020 in celebrating a collective 100% matric pass rate and a 80.5% bachelor pass (our highest ever in our 20-year history).

As part of our Matric Intensive program, we provide all grade 12’s accommodation at a nearby facility at Chrysalis Academy prior to and during exam periods. Here we provide students with a study desk, comfortable bed, bathroom facilities, healthy meals and extra tutoring sessions to help them prepare for the exams. “Spending time at Chrysalis Academy was the most effective way for me to study. It was a quiet space where I could focus. It really helped me so much,” says Denisha. Denisha lives in a small home with her mom, dad and sister, who also attends our school.

Her mom, Jacqualine Hansen, has been assisting our school and her community during lockdown. She volunteers her time by helping to clean our school and to assist with a weekly soup kitchen in the community. “I want to make a difference because I know the struggle. I am extremely grateful to Christel House for helping my daughter and for teaching us that sharing is important. It really is more than a school,” said Mrs Hansen.

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