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Burgandie turns baking into business

It began as a fun activity with her daughter. “I started making cookies and posting them online just for fun,” says Burgandie Tyson, Christel House Indianapolis graduate. “Then people started asking for them.” Now, Burgandie is baking made-from-scratch cookies and turning her “Cookie Craves” into a successful side business. 

With the support of her husband and daughter, Burgandie bakes cookies for the business and uses social media and positive word of mouth to market her creations. “It’s been going really well. I enjoy doing this!” Burgandie is busy. In addition to Cookie Craves, she’s pursuing a business degree, taking online classes at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis. She has a full-time job as Senior Assistant Manager at Chuck E. Cheese, the family pizza restaurant. “I started working there in high school and I really enjoy it,” she says. “I’ve put a lot of time and effort with the company and can’t wait to move forward to become a General Manager.” Burgandie attended Christel House Academy South in Indianapolis from kindergarten through graduation in 2017. “Christel House prepared me for the workforce,” she says. “I am so glad I spent my whole school life there.” When it comes to baking her choice cookie, Burgandie says the Strawberry Cheesecake has been very popular with her Cookie Craves customers. “The Five Star Chocolate Chip is also popular – and my favorite,” she admits. 

You can order from Cookie Craves on Facebook: CLICK HERE. Or via Instagram: CLICK HERE.  


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