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Construction of new Grade RR classrooms complete in South Africa

Construction of our three new Grade RR classrooms is complete and we are excited to share our progress. For the first time in our school’s 20-year history, it is our intention to welcome 60 grade RR students (4-year-olds) to our school in 2021.

“Research has proven that the formative years of a child’s life are the most important and early intervention is key in removing the many barriers to success that our students face. We have therefore decided to expand our ECD programme to include Grade RR and are so excited that the first phase – the construction of our new classrooms – is complete, “says Ms Carol Kriel, our Junior School Principal.

Our aim is to start recruiting for our new grade RR students in Term 1 of 2021, and enrolment is set for the start of Term 3 of 2021. Each classroom will have capacity for 20 students, a dedicated teacher and will be equipped with modern teaching equipment such as interactive smart board technology. Each class will also have access to a teacher assistant to ensure a high student to teacher ratio and to improve early language acquisition through English immersion from day one.

Keep checking our various channels for details about the admissions process and our Grade RR fundraising campaign to help us purchase items like books, stationery and uniforms for our newest Christel Housers.

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