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The new normal in Indianapolis

While some are e-learning from home, many Christel House Academy students have returned to in-person learning in classrooms. “Our kids are so happy to be back,” says Debby Nauta, New Teacher Instructional Coach for Christel House Indianapolis. She admits wearing masks isn’t fun for students or staff, “but after a while it just becomes something you don't think about. The children understand their teachers want to hug them and give them high fives, but right now we all recognize the need to practice safe social distancing,” she says. For the new teachers, Nauta says they are adapting well. “Teaching during a pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. But our veteran teachers have wrapped themselves around our new teachers and they have all come together to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our students. It’s been quite remarkable to witness.” Everyone has had to make changes, even Maynard, the Indianapolis facility dog that calls Debby his human. With the pandemic, Maynard only comes to the school every 3 or 4 weeks, on his bath day. That allows him time to spend time with students then after work he goes straight to a good cleaning to make sure his fur stays nice and clean. “The masks do not phase Maynard one bit,” Nauta adds. “He’s thrilled every time he gets to see his school friends.”

Please watch Debby Nauta’s video as students and teachers return to Christel House Indianapolis 

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