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A tribute to Christel DeHaan from Christel House India

Our Founder Christel DeHaan, a visionary and inspirational leader, passed away peacefully at the age of 77.

She was a rare and ignited soul that seized every opportunity to serve humanity. Christel was entrepreneurial by nature and her exemplary work and legacy encapsulates her philosophy of life - “to care, to share, to make a difference.” Post her remarkable career as a businesswoman and co-founder of Resort Condominiums International (RCI), she created her non-profit Christel House International in 1998. Today, Christel House schools worldwide are serving nearly 6,000 students and graduates in India, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa and the United States. Each of these institutions are transforming the lives of impoverished children by providing hope, holistic education, and the reality of a future that is devoid of poverty.

Christel believed that every child deserved a seat at the table of life and she strived to make this a reality. “Christel set the standards high, her impeccable leadership skills and high expectations are the main reason for Christel House’s success." says Jaison C Mathew, CEO of Christel House India. "All the students, alumni and staff of Christel House have fond memories of her and are incredibly grateful for all that she has done for them.”

To the students of Christel House India, she will continue to be their ‘Fairy Godmother’. She loved them beyond measure and their love for her continues to grow unboundedly.

Christel’s undying spirit will continue to propel us as we stay committed to carrying forward her vision and legacy.



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