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Alum returns for Career Day

Career Day at Christel House Indianapolis brings professionals from different businesses to share their experience with students. Cheri Walker-Owens, a 2014 Christel House graduate and a Junior Security Engineer for the State of Indiana, was a featured guest for the annual event.

She launched her IT (Information Technology) career after graduating college. For her presentation, Cheri engaged students with an interactive quiz about online safety and computer-security. Brittany, a senior, discovered a potential career through the presentation. “Cheri gave me an idea of what it takes to get into IT.” Cheri’s own interest in cyber-security started during her years at Christel House. “I used to play around with computers when I was little,” she says. “Then I took a programming class and I knew this is what I wanted to do.” Cheri believes the College & Careers program is one of the most valuable parts of Christel House. “Now that I have graduated and I am learning what an adult life involves, I’m really glad that I had Christel House to give me the skills and opportunities to get a good foothold in life."

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