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Dhanaraj inspires students to create art

Visitors to Christel House India – Bangalore are greeted with vibrant and beautiful student artwork throughout the campus. Dhanaraj Keezhara, Head of Art and Visual Media at Christel House India says as an artist, he looks at art education differently. He inspires students to do their best work. “I believe in teaching them to observe, to reflect, and to create art."

Dhanaraj joined Christel House India in 2001. His supportive and encouraging approach builds character. “I help children develop their own individual artistic expression.” Dhanaraj and his students have made a colorful impact on the school. Art at Christel House India is not confined to traditional canvases. Bold murals fill walls and stairways. Even trees on campus become works of art. Dhanaraj sees art as an essential part of the curriculum. “I enjoy teaching and making a difference in children’s lives,” he says. “It is an honor to be in this role.”

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