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Diploma + certifications = career

For students at Christel House DORS, the adult high school, earning a diploma isn’t enough. Jaylen Maxey and Julian Martin will graduate in June. Through DORS, they added classes to receive valuable certifications to launch careers as welders.“Most jobs today require a high school diploma and transcripts,” says Julian. “I found you can’t earn more than $15 dollars an hour without a diploma.” Enrolling at DORS, he explored certification programs and chose welding. “It’s a good trade skill and a good fit for me.” Jaylen has already earned multiple certifications covering welding basics. He is continuing to take classes to certify working with different metals. A professed “tinkerer,” Jaylen looks forward to working at construction sites – and is not afraid of heights. “I’m a climber,” he smiles. Both students found the DORS staff supportive in helping them find a career track. “This will be my profession,” says Jaylen.

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