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Christel House South Africa achieves top results for Matric examinations

Our High School celebrated a remarkable 90.2% matric pass rate in the National Senior Certificate examinations, which is above the national average of 81.3%. Our matriculants of 2019 also managed to achieve 23 subject distinctions and a 68% Bachelor’s pass rate. Music and Computer Application Technology were also introduced to our matric students as new subjects for the first time and both subjects received a 100% pass rate.

The Principal of our High School, Ronald Fortune, who has been at Christel House for 15 years, says he is extremely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by the matric class of 2019. “We are confident that our students will take their successful matric pass as a stepping-stone towards achieving the potential we know each one of them has. I am also confident that our students who didn’t manage to achieve a successful pass will rewrite their examinations later this year and continue to persevere”.

The class of 2019 will join the rest of the Christel House alumni who receive stipends and structured support for up to five years after leaving school through our award-winning College & Careers programme. Today, 93% of all Christel House’s alumni are either studying, working or doing both.

We wish all our matriculants well and look forward to seeing how they progress towards achieving their dreams. We would also like to thank the teachers, donors, partners and friends of Christel House for helping our students to receive the resources and support they need in order to achieve amazing results.

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