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Nora on fast-track to vocational success

Nora Hernandez is a Christel House Mexico (CHMX) alumnus who admits she marches to her own drum. She struggled in choosing a career. After graduating CHMX, Nora had to work instead of going to college. But that’s when she discovered her passion – for motorcycles. “I love becoming one with a motorcycle when I am riding,” she says. “But I can’t stay on them all the time!” Her enthusiasm for motorcycles led her to become a valuable sales representative with BMW and then Harley Davidson. But she wanted more. Years after graduating high school, she turned to Christel House for guidance. CHMX College & Careers counselors suggested she enroll in an administrative and accounting program at Iberoamerican University. The Technical degree will help her further her career. “When I complete the program, I see myself joining the corporate structure of a company like Harley Davidson or BMW,” Nora explains. “Christel House is helping guide my path to where I want to be.”


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