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#GiveAHandUp to new Grade R's at Christel House

We will be welcoming 60 new Grade R learners to Christel House in January 2020 and have just launched our new #GiveaHandUp campaign, which will help raise funds for essential school supplies for these new learners.

For most parents, the words ‘Back to School’ are intimidating as even basic school supplies are costly. For parents from poor communities, purchasing school supplies are near impossible. Therefore, as part of our no-fee scholarship offering, we provide all of our students with school supplies, learning materials and all other essentials needed to excel their growth. With the giving season upon us, we’re reaching out to our friends to assist with funding a Grade R starter kit that includes school shoes, a summer uniform, stationery, books and fortified porridge that contains essential nutrients for growing children. For as little as R150, R500 or R1200 (the price of a full starter kit), you could donate and give our Grade R’s a hand up on their 18-year journey with us.

All South African donors are eligible to receive a tax-deductible 18A certificate and companies can receive B-BBEE points for their contributions as a 100% of Christel House’s beneficiaries are Black. To donate, visit www.sa.christelhouse.org/donate or contact Bongiwe Sipunzi on 021 704 9406 /bsipunzi@sa.christelhouse.org

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