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For students in South Africa, gang violence is one of the biggest challenges says Christel House South Africa (CHSA) CEO Adri Marais. “How we deal with violence is one of the major keys to unlocking the potential of our students,” she says. Christel House provides a safe environment for kids to learn.That includes bus transportation, a secure and peaceful school facility and “90 extremely kind, loving and predictable adult teachers and staff” says Adri.

It works. For ten years in a row, CHSA has achieved an impressive 100% pass rate on the “matric” graduation exam. The most recent graduating class attained a 72% bachelors pass rate – more than double that of the national bachelors pass rate of 33%. A bachelor pass is required for students to attain college admission. For Adri, seeing students achieve is her biggest satisfaction. “It is just absolutely beautiful.” Adri acknowledges support from donors is critical to that success. “We hold our students for 18 years – 13 at school and 5 beyond,” she says. “That needs full donor support.”

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