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Junior School Jazz Band goes for gold at the Conserve Eisteddfod

Our vibrant Junior School Jazz Band competed at the Annual Conserve Eisteddfod in Stellenbosch this past month and affirmed their musical dominance by winning double gold and silver for the two items that they presented. The event, which aims to provide an opportunity for students to express their music abilities and skills in a safe, encouraging and inspired environment, was organised by 4th year music majors from Stellenbosch University.

Christel House’s 18-member Jazz Band, led by music teacher, Mr. James George, entered the Conserve Eisteddfod for the first time ever and utterly impressed the adjudicators with their topnotch performance. The students were extremely happy to receive the positive feedback from the expert adjudicators and proud to receive their prized certificates.

“Our school integrates music within its curriculum and has a world-class music programme. Being part of such an event not only provided our students with a yardstick to measure their talent but also an opportunity to enrich their minds on the vast career opportunities within the music industry”, said Mr. James.


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