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64-year-old gets diploma "for my grandbabies!"

There were 99 adult students graduating at this year’s Christel House DORS ceremony. But of all the graduates, Debra Lambirth is unique. She calls herself the senior of the class. At 64-years-old, she laughs, she really is! Debra is proud to finally earn her high school diploma. But she didn’t do it just for herself. “Actually, I’m doing it because of my grandbabies,” she says. “I’ve always been a stickler for education and I felt like a hypocrite trying to tell them to get an education when I didn’t finish high school.” Debra’s daughter encouraged her mom to enroll at Christel House DORS, the adult high school. Asked what’s next, Debra smiles and says she’s planning to retire next year. But she’s not going to stop learning – she plans to enroll in some on-line classes.

Click here to see the WTHR news story about Debra and the DORS graduation ceremony.

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