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Alumni transforming lives at Christel House

Graduates are a wonderful resource for students at Christel House Mexico (CHMX). Six alumni are now working in various roles at the school, helping transform lives of current students. César Luna Limón, a web developer teaching computer classes to middle and high school students, says the opportunities at Christel House allow him and the other alumni to grow by sharing their skills. Alicia Fernanda De León Meza is working as the CHMX receptionist and preparing to study for a career in accounting. Guadalupe Nuñez Salazar, part of the College & Career team, is giving back. “I have the opportunity to help students and alumni as they did and continue to do for me.” Maricela Borbonio’s seven years of experience in social work assists Christel House families that need it most. She sums up the team’s appreciation: “We get to realize our biggest dream – helping others.”




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