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DORS Grad overcomes challenges, builds career

Montaneke Mitchell says Christel House changed her life. A 2017 DORS graduate, she is now building her career to become a licensed, union electrician. Montaneke is candid about mistakes she made before discovering DORS. She considered a military career but dropped out of high school. A poor decision led to a conviction and time in prison. She was even briefly homeless, living out of her car. But the care and support of Christel House DORS opened opportunities. “Life throws these hurdles at me that makes me feel I’m on a tall building and there’s this dark mist surrounding me,” she says “With DORS, it’s like I have these hands protecting me from going over the edge.” As part of Christel House College & Careers guidance, Montaneke enrolled in the Indiana Plan, a state program to encourage minorities in the construction industry.  Now she is working as an electrical apprentice as she continues her studies, grateful for the positive support that has turned her life around.

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