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CHMX 9th Graders excel in language and math

We’re celebrating remarkable achievements at Christel House Mexico (CHMX). The national PLANEA tests for 9th Grade students show that over 90% of CHMX students are passing in both Math (92%) and Language Arts (97%); and over 60% of our students are scoring in the highest level! The pass rates beat the national average by 57 percentage points in math and 21 percentage points in language arts.  CHMX students also significantly outperformed private schools, with 47% more Christel House students in the top level in math than private schools and 39% more in the top level for language arts. “Our math and language arts curriculum goes beyond what is required by Mexico’s SEP (Secretariat of Public Education),” says Javier Alarcón Benet, CEO of Christel House Mexico. “We have very good, rigorous teachers, working with outstanding students and the results are demonstrated in these outstanding scores.”

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