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First Doctor for Christel House India

Christel House India has a remarkable record of success with nearly 150 graduates gainfully employed thanks to the College & Careers program. Now the school is celebrating its first medical doctor! Dr. Shaik Reshma, a 2012 graduate, (pictured, center) returned to share her success with school leaders. “Becoming a doctor was my dream since childhood,” Dr. Reshma says. ”My parents always wanted to see me as a doctor and serving people.” A medical degree in India is a 5 year commitment (Shaik started the program in 2013) with an additional year of House Surgency. Shaik will work as an intern at a local hospital then do a year of rural service. Dr. Reshma says the College & Careers support and scholarships she received from Christel House makes the impossible possible. “Christel House is where you receive support, care, love and encouragement.”

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