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Academy builds Little Free Libraries

Christel House encourages all children to read. Now our students and many others can access books in their neighborhoods thanks to a partnership with TrueU and Christel House Academy West. Eight “Little Free Libraries” were installed in locations throughout Indianapolis. The library boxes are stuffed with a variety of popular children’s books and kids are encouraged to freely borrow and exchange titles. The Christel House library project also offered hands-on building experience for fourth and fifth grade students. With guidance from TrueU volunteers, kids painted, drilled and safely hammered the library kits together. “For many it was the first time they had ever used hand tools,” says Carey Dahncke, Christel House Head of Schools. “It was an exciting service learning experience to bring Little Free Libraries to students’ local communities.”

Click here to see a map to the locations of the eight little free libraries in Indianapolis.

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