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Students learn life lessons on trip of a lifetime

A trip to Hogwarts, getting close to Jurassic Park dinosaurs and meeting Minions were highlights for nineteen Christel House Mexico students and teachers and staff traveling to Universal Studios/Orlando. The amazing opportunity to visit the United States was made possible through the generosity of RCI Latin America. Traveling outside Mexico City for the first time, the students were excellent ambassadors of Christel House. “The children expressed kindness, gratitude, and showed confidence,” says Tania Alvarez Madrid, Lower School Principal. The students are grateful to RCI. “As a socially responsible company, it is an honor for RCI and myself to work hand in hand with a great institution as Christel House Mexico,” says Ricardo Montaudon, President and CEO, RCI Latin America. “This kind of trip and experience can be an eye opener and a life changing experience for each and every one of the children which will motivate them to aspire for a greater future. We really love our Christel House children and we are committed to continue working with passion and heart for them.”

As part of the selection to attend, students wrote essays to express why they were deserving of the opportunity to go on the trip to Florida.
Below are excerpts from some of their essays.


Emilio, 6th grade- 10 years old

During these years at Christel House, they had taught me how to be a good person and that we need to take advantage of opportunities the school, our families and life gives us. Mi biggest dream is to visit United States of America, my cousins live in there and they have told me how beautiful and great it is.

Sometimes I feel sad, that I cannot visit other countries, but I am sure that if I continue studying, in the future I will have a work and will be able to travel. I am not sure if I deserve to win this trip more than my other friends, but if I would be able to visit in this moment of my life universal Studios, I am sure it will be a great motivation to continue studying and will be a dream come true!

RCI thanks for thinking on Christel House Mexico students for this new experience in our lives!

Andrea, 6th grade- 10 years old

Hello, my name is Andrea, thanks for giving me this opportunity, it is for me a dream come true! I really want to attend this trip because my dream is to travel around the world. I thinks I deserve a spot in the trip because every day I put a lot of effort at school and help my colleagues even though the teacher does not ask me to, I believe I live the four values of Christel House: respect, responsibility, integrity, and independence.

Thank you RCI for this opportunity, I will always fight for my dreams because not every child in Mexico can study at Christel House Mexico.

Diana, 9th grade- 13 years old

I feel a lot of enthusiasm for this new opportunity Christel House is giving us, I truly believe is something wonderful! I really appreciate they are not only looking for students with the best grades, they are looking at students like me, that put a lot of effort every day at school.

I will love to go to Universal Studios, I know that I am not good neither excellent at academic results, some things are difficult for me, but I put a lot of effort during this school year, my English and grades have improved little by little.

Like every child I like to do antics and sometimes I have a bad character, but I am really trying to improve. I really want to continue getting better every day, and I am sure someday Christel House and my family will be proud of me.



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