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DORS is an adult high school

Christel House DORS believes that everyone deserves a second chance. For Emily Masengale, Principal of DORS, the adult high school is very unique. “All of our students are 18 or older and there is no age cut-off. In our Class of 2017, our oldest graduate was 54,” she says. “DORS is a second chance for adults.” The school was created when Christel House saw a need in the community. Research showed that 45% of the adults on the southeast side of Indianapolis where Christel House Academy is located did not have a high school diploma or a GED. Other studies have proven that if a parent has a high school diploma their child is 50% more likely to graduate from high school. “So not only are we impacting the DORS students but we are impacting future generations as well.” Masengale says DORS gives adults an opportunity when some may say it’s too late. “It’s never too late to reclaim your future.”

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