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India grad receives work honors

Hard work does get recognized. Lokesh Muthu, a 2011 graduate of Christel House India — Bangalore is living proof. As Assistant Manager of Operations for a subsidiary of Quess, a leading business service provider in India, Lokesh was recently honored for demonstrating his continued commitment to achieve excellence. Lokesh credits Christel House for his business success. “Christel House taught me the value of hard work. Christel House taught me honesty and integrity and this has resulted in my being recognized in the workplace.”

Lokesh enrolled at Christel House India as an 11 year old. “I joined Christel House India and my life changed completely. I got the best education and the best teachers. They molded my thoughts and career choice. Many of my neighbors were jealous of the fact that I got an extremely good chance which changed my future.” When asked if his Christel House experience prepared him for the workforce he responded enthusiastically. “Yes! Everyone who is part of Christel House has made a difference in my life.”

Learn more about Christel House India. Click here to learn about a first-of-its-kind entreprenuer program taught at Bangalore.  

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