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Alumni, students team up to recycle bicycles

They are putting a spin on “re-cycling” at Christel House Mexico. Students and alumni are teaming up with industrial design students from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) to repair and rehabilitate old bicycles. Donations of rusty and abandoned bikes are rebuilt, then donated to low resource families. The team is also leading bike lessons at the school for kids who have never ridden before. According to Georgina Reyes Zarate, College & Careers Coordinator at Christel House Mexico, over 80 kids, parents, teachers and staff joined in the activities. “Creating bonds between students is important. And this project is inspiring more of our kids to start social initiatives.” Another benefit of the bike project, according to Zarate: “Several alumni have come to me to ask ‘What can I do for our younger students?’ They are really committed to help each other.”

Learn more about Christel House Mexico. Click here to see Flor's first day at school.

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