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Excellence in Teaching - Christel House DORS West teacher shares love of math

Samantha Griffith understands that math can be scary. She remembers that she hated math when she was in elementary school. But that changed in middle school – a teacher inspired her and gave her a new perspective and appreciation. Now Samantha loves math. That passion is why Samantha, a teacher at Christel House DORS West, has been honored with the Teach for America Indianapolis Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching.

“I am very enthusiastic about math,” Samantha shares. “So many of our students have this fear of math. People build math up to be this scary thing in their mind. I feel a responsibility to change people’s minds about it.”

At DORS, Samantha helps the adult high school learners to understand the basics. From elementary math through Algebra, Samantha guides and works with the individuals to make sure it all makes sense. She appreciates teaching at DORS. “Our students are wonderful.”

The award winning teacher understands the impact she has on her adult learners. Her students share how proud they are that they can now teach their own kids. “I had one mom tell me she helps her eight year old with their homework. I can see parents doing their homework right next to their kids.”

As a teacher, Samantha is grateful for Christel House DORS. “I’m so glad this school exists for our students.”

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