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Finding Hope at Christel House India - Naya Raipur

The people in slums of Naya Raipur, India live in deplorable conditions with little access to effective social and health care services, potable water and sanitation facilities and are therefore more vulnerable to epidemics and developmental challenges. Most people have very little educational background, skills or work experience, so they have few options in the competitive job market. Most adults pick up low paying jobs as construction laborers, domestic servants, casual factory workers or petty trading business. With such meager income, people are forced to live in slums in unsanitary conditions, and are carrying out their lives with the barest necessities.

Christel House India – Naya Raipur has been created to help meet some of these needs and break the cycle of poverty for children in the slums of Naya Raipur. Budharu is one of the first parents to enroll his children in the program. Santivan (Grade2) and Lakshvantin (Kindergarten) live with their parents and younger sister in a mud hut. Budharu sometimes works as a construction laborer and sometimes as a shepherd, but he earns less than $1.50 a day when he gets work. Their family is a member of a scheduled tribe (low-caste, protected ethnic groups). Santivan and Lakshvantin will be the first in the family to get an education. Educating girls is not common among scheduled tribes, so Shantivan and Lakshvantin will be paving the way for a brighter future for their family and their generation. Christel House’s holistic approach provides not only education, but also food, counseling and medical aid. This level of care will hopefully transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty for Santivan, Lakshvantin and many children like them.



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