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Shayna P., Student, Christel House DORS

“When I talk about the Christel House Drop-Out Recovery School, or DORS, I speak with a strong sense of pride.

My name is Shayna, and I am 19 years old. I dropped out of high school in my junior year. Since then, I have tried many other forms of education. I have tried a daytime alternative education program, a nighttime credit recovery program, general education diploma preparation classes, and an at-home online school. It never took me long to realize that these specific programs would not work for me.

Then why is this program so different? Why am I so proud to be a DORS student? There are so many reasons. The biggest reason for me is because at Christel House I don’t feel like a dropout. I don’t feel like I am just picking up where I left off. I am still in high school, but I'm also moving forward; working toward my life goals. The DORS program offers college classes as well as high school classes. For that reason, I am moving forward with my education. Before the DORS program, college had never been an option for me. Now it’s more than an option. After attending the DORS program for only seven weeks, college is within my grasp.

The DORS program has given me much more than the opportunity to further my education. It has also helped me become employed and regain my self confidence. It has put me in contact with some wonderful people whom I feel I could go to for anything. Any time I have a question, or if I need general advice, there is always someone at DORS that is more than happy to help me in any way they can. My research specialist is not just a research specialist, she is a mentor. I can go to her for anything. She has multiple degrees and is a very educated woman. Being around people like my mentor makes me realize that I can do anything and that becoming educated is possible, even for someone like me.”

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